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Ocean Computer Group has one objective: to help ensure your organization meets or exceeds your business objectives. That means that every service and solution we deliver starts with understanding your company's strategy and then aligning our recommendations to your goals.

Our focus on your business is evident in everything we do:

  • Assessment: Every engagement begins with an analysis of your goals and direction. You'll hear us asking about business requirements around service levels, budgeting, resource deployment and strategic direction. Those issues are more important than "speeds and feeds;" they set the foundation for our technology recommendations.
  • Design: Our engineers are experts at technology, and with the knowledge of your business goals, we develop an infrastructure design and deployment plan that considers not only the integration of technology resources, but also alignment with business requirements involving costs, downtime, availability and more.
  • Delivery: With skilled in-house engineers and leading vendor technologies, we set out to integrate our solution to help you speed time to value while minimizing disruption and negative impact to your organization.
  • Education: Many clients want to manage and maintain their infrastructures on their own. We ensure they have the skills and information to maximize the new capabilities and make the most of their time.


With our understanding of your business objectives, our consultants can assist with planning, design and delivery of key strategic technology initiatives:

  • Cloud assessment: Assessments of your company's existing infrastructure and readiness to move to a cloud computing model. Determine processes and applications that could be moved to the cloud, and identify internal system and process requirements to make it happen.
  • Storage virtualization and optimization: Analysis and reporting to help you meet your storage and cost requirements, maximize storage efficiency, and defer hardware storage purchases until absolutely needed.
  • Business continuity: End-to-end planning services to help your organization create a recovery plan tailored to your specific requirements. Reduces costly downtime by enabling your people, technology, and applications to quickly become productive again following a business disruption
  • High availability: Customized solutions to meet your organization's requirements for high-availability and peak performance in a multi-vendor environment. Ensure you can scale to meet changing demands in a dynamic marketplace while minimizing costs and resources needed.
  • Security: High-level analysis and assessments of your risk and security exposures, as well as testing and monitoring to ensure the highest levels of security.

Our Company

We've seen a lot in our 30+ years.

Since 1985, Ocean Computer Group has grown and transitioned right along with the IT industry. We started off selling refurbished IBM midrange systems, and moved on to the early days of ethernet networks and PCs. Today we're offering the newest virtualization, backup and recovery, and cloud computing solutions available on the market.

But while times and technology have changed, our core values and objectives have not.

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