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It’s not enough to have systems in place – they need to be efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and even environmentally friendly.

The pressures are always increasing – from the end users to the shareholders, everyone needs more from IS.  So what’s the one thing you can do to improve your operational savings 50-75%, increase storage capacity 30%, and decrease your footprint (the space you use) by 60%?  Besides all that, let’s also do something to decrease energy costs, increase staff efficiency, improve the responsiveness of the systems, and ensure the entire architecture can be easily adapted as needs change.

Oh, and we’d like all that... NOW.

No problem, right?

It's a tall order.  But there is a way to achieve these kinds of results: Data Center Convergence.


What is Data Center Convergence?

b2ap3 thumbnail data center convergence wpConsider what most data centers are like now.  Unless your entire structure is new, the business needs and systems have changed since it was originally set up.  The computers, wiring, venting, floor space, etc. have all been adapted to these changes, but in a patchwork manner.  You have a half-empty rack here, but a nearly overstuffed rack over there.  One department needs a lot more storage space; another barely uses the space allotted to them.  Your IS professionals are spending their time going from one location to another to access the various parts of the network.

 DCC takes all these patchwork pieces and puts them back together more logically and efficiently.  It’s the process of analyzing all of your enterprise needs, including servers, space, network, and virtualization, and re-arranging your resources to better meet those needs.


What are the benefits of Data Center Convergence?

Remember that tall order?  DCC helps you improve:

    • Operational savings
    • Storage capacity
    • Systems efficiency, responsiveness, and adaptability
    • Data center footprint
    • Staff efficiency
    • Environmental impact
    • Energy costs

Of course, the longer you wait to implement a DCC in your organization, the more these benefits are actually costs you’re incurring.  Your operational costs are higher than they need to be, your storage capacity lower than it should be, etc.  So…

Take the First Step Now!

As you can see, the patchwork effect is costing you a lot of money and effort already.  Don’t let it get worse and worse!  Now is the time to take control.  Start planning and implementing your Data Center Convergence today.



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