Why is a Raritan Solution Right for Your Business?

KVM and Remote Access Management

ChannelPrtn Hz Color RGB JPGCost effective, versatile solutions with the flexibility and ease of use you need to improve responsiveness, efficiency and operations uptime in your data center.

Our broad, secure line of solutions allows virtually any device that has a KVM or serial connection, or embedded technologies such as Dell® DRAC, HP iLO and IBM® RSA, to be managed remotely down to the BIOS level for total control. Raritan enables you to work flawlessly with your stand-alone, blade and virtual servers, and serial-controlled network devices.

Because security is a primary concern, Raritan products also provide you with many advanced technologies that go well beyond simple login ID and passwords. We've built LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directory® integration, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and smart card readers/CAC into many of our products, providing you with secure access from anywhere in the world.

Our solutions include:

image001Centralized Server Management Systems, which deliver secure access and management of your in-band and out-of-band IT infrastructure, including KVM-over-IP and serial switches, service processors, virtual machines, test equipment, audio visual equipment, and PDUs. Security is the focus, with key features like AES encryption, support of leading authentication platforms and flexible user management.


image003KVM-over-IP Switches, such as our award-winning, enterprise-class Dominion® KX II, which offer BIOS-level access and control of up to 64 multiplatform servers, serial-based devices, test equipment, and audio visual equipment, virtual media, Absolute Mouse Synchronization™, dual power and dual Gigabit Ethernet with automatic failover and more.


image005Analog KVM Switches, secure, analog solutions that give you direct access and control of servers, network devices, test equipment, and audio visual equipment.


image006Serial Console Management Systems, which offer you secure, 24/7, out-of-band control of your serial devices from anywhere in the world as either a dedicated unit or as a combo unit that combines serial access with KVM-over-IP for increased flexibility.


Get secure, smarter, total access and control of your data center.

Raritan's power management solution provides a wealth of highly accurate and detailed information about the power in your data center.

In data centers and IT labs everywhere, facilities are approaching operational capacity limits. Power resources are increasingly constrained. And the cost of energy is spiraling out of control.

To operate your infrastructure more efficiently, while reducing costs and increasing uptime, you've probably discovered that you need more information and control. You need to know how much power your operations are using. And how much more you have available to work with.

Raritan's power management solution offers you the features and functionality to operate your data center or IT lab more intelligently.

Our solution consists of two major components: Raritan's intelligent rack PDUs (iPDUs) and our power management software.

Raritan's family of intelligent PDUs includes outlet metered/outlet switched, outlet metered and unit metered PDUs, and inline meters.

All of our rack PDUs and inline meters offer you rich, accurate power information with billing-grade, real-time kWh data, as well as current, voltage, active power and apparent power. Our PX-3000TM inline meters add intelligence to your existing PDUs or stand-alone IT equipment. They're perfectly suited for measuring power usage and finding stranded power in your racks.



They also come in the industry's widest selection and configurations, so you can choose the model that perfectly meets your needs.

Raritan's Power IQ® energy management software provides easy-to-use, real-time, accurate energy information.

It offers vendor-agnostic centralized power monitoring, along with features like agentless, graceful OS shutdown, outlet control and thermal and energy analytics to help you manage power usage, capacity and costs by providing kWh per rack usage, energy costs per customer, department or application, line loads for balancing capacities, rack inlet temperatures and even carbon footprint.


Plus, it's incredibly easy to deploy and use.

Together, this solution gives you the ability to accurately monitor your power consumption, easily identify areas of concern and then, bring it all right to your fingertips. In short, you get everything you need to run your data center or IT lab more intelligently, more efficiently.

Raritan's award-winning solution gives you the information you need to:

  • Assess how much power you're using at a moment's notice
  • Use the power you have more efficiently
  • Improve server uptime and reliability
  • Allow higher rack densities

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