Exchange Module


  • Exchange Risk Report
  • Traffic and Use Report
  • Mobile Device Report
  • Mailbox Detail Report
  • Distribution Lists and Public Folders Report
  • Mailbox Permissions Report
  • Mailbox Permissions by User Report


Exchange Risk Report
While the Exchange Assessment module will automatically generate the detailed reports you need to manage a full migration project - or deliver an on-going security and maintenance service - you might not want to share all that information with your clients. Instead, show them a branded high-level report. Designed specifically to be a customer-facing document, this report provides a polished overview of any issues identified in the more detailed reports. Corresponding charts and graphs clearly communicate issues and serve as a graphical aide to help suggest remedial steps. This is the perfect report to prepare for your account reviews for current customers to show that you are properly handling their Exchange environments. And, it's a fabulous report to run for new prospects to show potential deficiencies and risks that you can help cure and manage

Exchange Traffic and Use Report
Managing individual and aggregate mailbox sizes is a real challenge for most organizations. It's obviously important to understand the total organizational email traffic and usage in order to prepare for a migration project. But the report is equally useful on an ongoing basis to help manage individual mailbox size limits based on usage needs, and to identify individuals who may be misusing or abusing their mailboxes. This report will show you the status of all mailboxes - their size limits, percentage used, and percentage free. This report is extremely useful when planning a migration or for growth planning to ensure that systems will continue to run without interruption.

Exchange Mailbox Detail Report
Without this tool, it would be a daunting task to ask someone to document all known and available information for every mailbox in an Exchange environment. With the Exchange Assessment module, it's quick and painless. Simply run the non-invasive scan on the target Exchange Server, and Network Detective does the rest. This report gives you a mailbox-by-mailbox catalog of information, including everything from mailbox display name to quotas to a listing of folders/sizes for each mailbox (and more). Whether documenting regular use, planning ahead, or preparing for a migration - knowledge is power and, in this case, knowledge can be money as well. This report will allow you to better prepare for a migration by knowing all mailbox settings, ensure that display names, etc., are standardized, quotas are set appropriately, and also trouble-shoot issues with specific mailboxes.

Exchange Distribution Lists Report
Most organizations routinely create email distribution groups - both for internal communications and for routing incoming emails to multiple individuals at the same time. The problem is that over time, many companies lose track of which groups they've created and who's included in them. Obviously, with a migration you'd want to be able to accurately replicate all of these groups. But how about all those situations when employees turn over or change positions? Each time this happens individual emails need to be systematically added and removed from groups. This report identifies and lists all distribution groups as well as which end-users or other groups are to receive any emails.

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