Networking and Infrastructure



Expert Network Infrastructure Design Strategy


"Plug and play" rarely applies to data center technologies. Even the most well-designed vendor systems or storage still requires a strategic look at how it will be integrated into an existing infrastructure and how it will affect countless other applications, systems and users.

Ocean Computer Group relies on decades of experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network and infrastructure solutions with an eye on maintaining a highly scalable, efficient, and high performing environment.  And with today's converged, virtual networks, our experience is what you need to achieve success:

•    Network virtualization
•    Virtual machine and desktop migration
•    Enterprise switching
•    Wide Area Networking and routing
•    Communication and bandwidth
•    Wireless integration

Our Company

We've seen a lot in our 30+ years.

Since 1985, Ocean Computer Group has grown and transitioned right along with the IT industry. We started off selling refurbished IBM midrange systems, and moved on to the early days of ethernet networks and PCs. Today we're offering the newest virtualization, backup and recovery, and cloud computing solutions available on the market.

But while times and technology have changed, our core values and objectives have not.

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