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Business Specific V7000 & IBM Storwize V7000 Storage Optimization Solutions


Industry headlines point to growing data volumes as a primary concern for IT managers. The time, money and additional hardware required to manage that data can surely be used elsewhere in your organization.

At Ocean Computer Group, we leverage our proven best practices, extensive experience, and leading vendor solutions to help create the solution that better fits your specific business needs. After a thorough assessment and analysis of your current storage infrastructure, we'll recommend the best of our storage optimization solutions:

  • Data deduplication
  • Storage consolidation and virtualization
  • Networked Storage and Storage Area Networking
  • Tiered storage
  • Integrated backup and recovery


Enterprise capability at a midrange price that grows as your needs grow

  • Storage virtualization, thin provisioning, disaster recovery, solid-state drive support, sophisticated copy functions
  • Modular and affordable: add capacity and capability as required
  • Improve application availability and service levels through high-performance, near-instant backup and restore capabilities that help reduce downtime


High storage efficiency

  • Virtualization features increases disk utilization by up to 30%
  • Thin provisioning dramatically reduces disk storage needs
  • Easy Tier in combination with solid-state drives provide the performance required at lower cost


Breakthrough ease of use increases storage administrator efficiency

  • Clients can grow capacity without adding more administrators
  • Key tasks are simplified: storage configuration, provisioning, storage tiering (automate with Easy Tier)
  • Consolidated server and storage management with IBM Systems Director


Control costs

  • Consolidate your heterogeneous environment with a single point of control
  • Use efficiency features to maximize utilization of existing assets
  • Data migration capability speeds time to value, minimizes application downtime



storwize v7000 v2

New Advanced Software functions

  • New GUI (easy-to-use, web based)
  • Integration with IBM Systems Director
  • Enhancements to Tivoli Productivity Center, FlashCopy Manager and Tivoli Storage Manager support


Proven IBM Software Functionalities

  • Easy Tier (dynamic HDD/SSD management)
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
  • Storage Virtualization (local and external disks)
  • Non-disruptive Data Migration
  • Global and Metro Mirror
  • FlashCopy up to 256 copies of each volume
  • Thin Provisioning


Value Proposition:
Similar benefits to SVC when virtualizing external storage

  • Very compact packaging: controllers and disk in just 2U
  • Half to one-third rack space required by EMC CLARiiON CX4-240

Completely new GUI based on well-received XIV GUI

  • Provision a volume in as few as six clicks; setup system in as few as ten clicks
  • Proven to be very easy even for novice users in UCD tests

Enterprise-class capability

  • Sophisticated local and remote mirroring
  • Integrated server and storage management
  • High performance in a midrange disk system
  • Up to almost 1M IOPS
  • Up to 82,000 IOPS for “database-like” 70/30 R/W workload

Integrated non-disruptive migration function

  • Speeds time-to-value from weeks or months to just days
  • Minimizes downtime for migration
  • Eliminates cost of add-on migration tools

Integrated no-charge Easy Tier function

  • Application throughput improved up to 240%, up to 30% improved response  time

Integrated no-charge thin provisioning function

  • Reduce disk capacity required by 20% or more; reduce disk capacity for copies by 75% or more

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