| May 16, 2018

Hyperconverged Transformation: Getting the Software-defined Data Center Right

One of the more popular misconceptions often mistaken for gospel truth these days is that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platforms don’t scale – and can only be used for remote office or smaller customers. HCI platforms, in fact, can already efficiently scale out to cost-effectively handle well north of 80 percent of most application workload requirements.  Another misconception is that they are not ready for critical applications. That’s simply not right. North of 65% of HCI customers are supporting applications they deem mission critical.

Yet another misconception is that HCI is really only suited for VDI, or workloads where CPU/storage scale together. Yet again – not right. Yes, they are great for VDI, but they are also great for all sorts of workloads, particularly when they can support all kinds of flexible configurations. Learn more about HCI in the following paper from our partner Dell EMC – Hyperconverged Transformation: Getting the Software-defined Data Center Right


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