From Assessment to Design and Migration

Cloud computing lets users cost-effectively access measured computing resources on demand.


Companies thinking about moving their IT operations to the cloud are doing so with good reason—cloud computing offers huge advantages for reliability, availability and efficiency, while allowing you to better manage the costs of managing IT. However, cloud computing also means changing some of your current business models, processes and IT strategies. And that's where Ocean Computer Group can really help.

We help our clients understand and consider the many factors in deciding to migrate services to the cloud. Collectively, we define a phased roadmap to understand cloud computing and what it takes to leverage the technology, how it fits into their current IT service provider strategies, examine best practices for security, training, and the expected results. Let us manage your business processes so you can focus on your business. Our full portfolio of hosted application solutions will help you improve customer loyalty, drive revenue growth, maximize operational and organizational efficiency, integrate your business processes and applications, and save you money.

Cloud Assessments

Cloud Assessments

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  • Assess and analyze cloud readiness
  • Conduct evaluation of business
  • IT portfolio discovery and planning
  • Cloud Strategy & Design

    Cloud Strategy & Design

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  • Identify workloads, applications and processes
  • Address security and privacy requirements
  • Develop a strategy and design
  • Migration preparation & planning
  • Cloud Migration

    Cloud Migration

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  • Define metrics for success
  • Migration implementation & management
  • Test environment monitoring & validation

  • Office 365

    Office 365

    Planning and executing your office 365 implementation

    Whether your business is thinking of going all in on Office 365 or going hybrid, don’t fall into blind action and jump rashly into the migration process. A stress-free Office 365 implementation is no small feat and takes smart planning, deliberate decisions and time. Our team helps organizations with Office 365 implementation, conversion and security. We work with you and any internal and external stakeholder to determine your deployment goals and ensure the following process:

    • Agree on scope and timeline
    • Agree on project tracking mechanism
    • Develop success criteria and a communication / Get started with Office 365
    • Inventory your current environment and make key deployment decisions
    • Fix potential deployment blockers
    • Set up Office 365 services to work for your organization
    • Roll out to users, testing and ensure security

    Azure and AWS Cloud Migrations

    Reliable AWS to Azure Migration with High Performance, Security & Cost Control

    Migrating on-premises servers to the cloud in a large-scale environment can be an involved process unless you have an orchestrator that can automate, schedule, minimize the bandwidth consumption for the replicated data, and reduce the cutover time of your migration.

    AWS server migration service is an ideal solution to use when you are planning a scaled migration from VMware environments to AWS where the downtime, agentless tools, incremental replication, and testing the application before the cutover are critical considerations. AWS server migration provides the following key benefits:

    • Automates an incremental replication of live server volumes to AWS reducing server downtime at cutover.
    • Orchestrates large-scale server migrations in a cost effective manner.
    • Supports most widely used operating systems.
    • Manages and tracks the progress of your server migration through an easy to use UI.

    Azure and AWS Cloud Migrations

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Keep your data and systems safe and available

    Organizations using business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) solutions have saved millions of dollars in lost revenue. Companies that fail to prepare for disaster recovery are at risk. Ocean Computer Group protects businesses from downtime by securing and restoring critical business data and assets, no matter where it lives. Your business will be always connected, secured, and instantly restorable at any time with the following services from Ocean:

    • Managed applications and managed DR
    • Back up to and restore from the cloud
    • Back up to and restore to the cloud
    • Replication to virtual machines in the cloud

    • Our cloud business continuity and disaster recovery services include options of enterprise backup and cloud replication for total protection.


    Prepare for tomorrow’s threats, today. Talk to an expert at Ocean Computer Group to see how we make it possible.


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