Fast, Efficient & Affordable Service!

It is very expensive to hire staff to get the managed services that we get from Ocean Computer Group. By not having to hire full-time employees, our firm was able to save a significant amount of money and avoid HR headaches.

Their response in terms of resolving issues is top-notch.  There is always someone to answer our questions, and the response time in correcting the issue is above par.

I would highly recommend using OCG.  I have been with them for a number of years, and the service has always been fast and efficient

Mark Smith Chief Operating Officer

Give Ocean A Try, Our IT Company For 20 years, and We Still Use Them!

Since we have enrolled in Ocean Computer Group’s Managed IT Services program, computer downtime is non-existent now. We have peace of mind that our computer systems are being actively monitored for any potential trouble or threats.

Service is immediate. They have multiple people with expertise in different areas to assist us with whatever our needs are in networking, security, and hardware.

I am well satisfied with Ocean, not looking to have an experience with another IT company and they call to offer their services all the time.

IT Support NJ Frank Hobler President

Ocean Computer Group Transformed Our Business

Ocean Computer transformed our entire computer infrastructure into a robust, secure network.  There is no doubt that the previous vendor we were using did not have anywhere near the expertise that of Ocean Computer. They found numerous deficiencies in our computer infrastructure.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring Ocean Computer is its managed services program. The ability to contact the service department via phone or through the portal has helped us to diagnose and fix problems quickly is priceless.

upper saddle river IT Support Chief Patrick Rotell Upper Saddle River
Police Department

Professional IT managed services with security, cost savings and dependability!
We downsized our IT staff because of going to Ocean Computer Group's Managed IT Service. Their professional expertise has enabled us to convert to Microsoft RDS and they have helped us reconfigure our hardware and software needs so that we could operate in a safe environment with the necessary upgrades.

Use them. Do your homework. Ask to speak to some of their current clients. Their owner and his staff are well-trained in their profession!

ufcw-logo Jim Mulholland Director of Administrative Operations
UFCW Local 1262

Convenience, Low Cost & Dependability

 It’s been 20 years plus since I worked with anyone other than Ocean Computer Group. I switched to Ocean Computer Group, they were able to support all my IT needs, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

When my team has technical issues, they create a ticket, and the Ocean Computer team resolves it quickly. Having the managed IT services program eliminates all the invoices that I used to get for support. It’s nice to pay a monthly fee for 99.9% of your support.

If you are looking for IT Managed Services, you should call Ocean Computer Group.


New Jersey Solid State Ed Cecehovsky Manager
Solid State Inc

Ocean simply provides better peace of mind for our company!

Ocean Computer persists and drills down on a problem until there is a resolution. Other IT firms that we've dealt with in the past sort of gave up if there was no simple resolution. Ocean simply provides peace of mind for our company.

Since Envision retained Ocean Computer Group for managed IT support in 2017, our corporate IT infrastructure is significantly improved. They've helped with bare metal server configuration, firewall configuration and restoration, cloud server standup, secure email services, and most importantly, our transition to the MS 365 environment.

They field every IT help desk ticket very swiftly. I act as a liaison/delegator of IT direction for our company, and with Ocean having my back, I feel like I have a team of 30 people working with me. 

Considering Ocean Computer Group for Managed Services?  I would say, "Go for it. You won't regret it."

New Jersey Envision Jonathon Carr IT/R&D ManagerIT/R&D Manager
Envision Innovative Solutions, Inc.