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At Ocean Computer Group

Ocean Computer Group, Inc., a leading MSP servicing NYC, Eastern PA, and the State of NJ, specializes in Commercial, Government, Education and Public Sectors. Our team of seasoned IT industry veterans work with you to implement and maintain a comprehensive managed services plan that will enable operational efficiency, business continuity and disaster recovery, while reducing the overall cost of maintaining your network.

In today's increasingly complex IT environment, IT resources are often limited and overwhelmed. Businesses cannot afford the risk and uncertainty of relying on a “Break-fix maintenance service” because your business is too dependent on having reliable IT systems.

By leveraging OceanWATCH – our complete Managed Services Stack – clients can focus on strategic priorities instead of daily IT operations. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.


OceanWATCH Managed Services

Our OceanWATCH managed services work towards these major goals:

1. To proactively address issues and risks before they happen.

2. Provide a high level of service to your organization.

3. Increase operational efficiencies and up-time.

4. Reduce costs.

5. Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support and skills.

6. Increase the security posture within your organization.

7. Minimize downtime.

8. Plan budgets, upgrades, and improvements.

9. Peace of mind knowing that your network is monitored 24/7/365.

A crucial step in our OceanWATCH managed service offering is the initial onboarding process. This process is designed to document all your crucial computing equipment and operating systems to provide the best possible user experience.

The onboarding process sets the stage for a successful managed services experience for your organization and users.

In addition to the daily proactive support, patching and ticket resolution, our vCIO services will work with your IT Manager to continually evaluate and assess your IT infrastructure to industry standards. The main objective is to understand your business goals and initiatives and help to align your IT technology and services. This engagement will assist in formulating strategic IT goals and help in facilitating technology changes.

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Ocean Computer Group Managed Services Offerings

As a leading IT solutions provider, Ocean computer Group delivers end-to-end solutions including strategy development, technology selection, implementation and operations. In order to implement an ideal IT Managed Services solution for your organization, all you need to do is contact us. We will analyze your needs, infrastructure, systems, and discuss your vision and price range that works for you.

OceanWATCH Core & Help Desk are basic managed services. Virtual vCIO and Security are value-add services that provide a strategic IT road map, enhance IT security and limit IT distractions so you are freed up on to focus on core business objectives.

Our OceanWatch Core offering provides a broad spectrum of IT support for your organization and guidance in navigating the ever-evolving world of technology.

OceanWATCH Core
  • Proactive Managed IT Services
  • 24x7 Remote Monitoring
  • Dedicated Management Team
  • Documentation and Run Book
  • Secure Password Management
  • Onboarding Best Practices Assessment
  • Patch Management
  • Automation
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
OceanWATCH Benefits
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant Platform
  • 24x7 System, Security and Network Monitoring
  • 24x7 Onsite for Critical Failures
  • Critical and Emergency Notifications
  • Alert client to critical conditions, failures, and patches
  • Secure Password Management
  • Change Management
Protecting Your Technology Investment Proactively

Ensure your systems stay optimized

Outsourced IT Managed Services with 24/7 access to experts for peace of mind. We provide all clients access to our 24x7 Help Desk Services, manned by a team of trained experts, on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help Desk Services are essential components of efficient IT operations and accurate recording and processing of end-user service requests in an effective manner is critical. We leave nothing to chance.

Help Desk
  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Onsite Service
  • User requests and support
  • Remediation
  • Hybrid Workforce support
Strategic Technology Guidance When You Need It

Leverage IT insight and expertise

Ocean Computer Group offers virtual CIO services that help organizations develop sound IT plans, focus on their strategic objectives and achieve their overall goals. Your dedicated vCIO will first get to know your organization, its current technology challenges and its growth strategy. We then help you with budget forecasting, implementing best practices, employee training and implementing new technologies in the future. We put you on the right path to success.

Virtual vCIO
  • Strategic Planning / Road Map Development
  • Best Practices, Standards based Methodology
  • Quarterly Meetings with Decision Makers
  • Understand your Business Goals and
  • Use of Technology
  • Impact Assessment
  • Business impact of Technology
Leave Nothing To Chance

Let us be an extra pair of security hands available 24x7x365

By partnering with us and taking advantage of our managed IT security services, you will have peace of mind of knowing you're working with a team of highly-qualified specialists with over three decades experience in all aspects of IT security. We provide you with support for a range of best-of-breed security management solutions, customized to your business and operational needs. Our customer centric approach means that you can choose from a range of managed IT security services to cover either your entire infrastructure or selected elements.

  • Managed Threat Detection and Response
  • NextGen Email Protection
  • End Point Detection and Response
  • Dark Web Scanning & End user Detection
  • 15 Point Cyber Security Approach based on NIST CSF
  • Cloud Services

15-POINT NIST Cyber Security Approach

The Framework provided by NIST assists in determining which areas are most important to focus on to manage and minimize cyber security risk, protect critical infrastructure, and protect your assets. This framework also helps prioritize investments and maximize the impact of each dollar spent on cybersecurity.

OceanWATCH uses a risk-based approach to protecting our clients from a cyberattack to help you determine what cybersecurity investments are adding value to your organization. The NIST framework is broken down into 15 core areas that if not correctly addressed, present a risk or vulnerability to your organization. We leverage leading processes and solutions which will increase your protection and reduce your risk.


Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response

Protect your computers data from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks with advanced endpoint security. Today's latest technology (which replaces your outdated anti-virus solution) protects against file-less and script-based threats and can even rollback a ransomware attack.



Backup local. Backup to the cloud. Have an affine backup for each month of the year. Test your backups often. And if you aren't convinced your backups are working properly, call us ASAP.


Dark Web Research

Knowing in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web will allow you to be proactive in preventing a data breach. We scan the Dark Web and take action to protect your business from stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.



Whenever possible, the goal is to encrypt files at rest, in motion (think email) and especially on mobile devices.



Turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. Send the log files to a managed SIEM. And if your IT team doesn't know what these things are, call us today!


Mobile Device Security

Today's cyber criminals attempt to steal data or access your network by way of your employees' phones and tablets. They're counting on you to neglect this piece of the puzzle. Mobile device security closes this gap.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication whenever you can, including on your network, banking websites, and even social media. It adds an additional layer of protection to ensure that even if your password does get stolen, your data stays protected.



Apply security policies on your network. Examples: Deny or limit USB file storage access, enable enhanced password policies, set user screen timeouts, and limit user access.


Security Assessment

It's important to establish a baseline and close existing vulnerabilities. When was your last assessment?


Security Awareness

Train your users - often! Teach them about data security, email attacks, and your policies and procedures. We offer a web-based training solution and "done for you" security policies.


SIEM/Log Management

(Security Incident & Event Management) Uses big data engines to review all event and security logs from all covered devices to protect against advanced threats and to meet compliance requirements.


Spam & Malware Protection

Secure your email. Most attacks originate in your email. We'll help you choose a service designed to reduce spam and your exposure to attacks on your staff via email.


Updates & Patching

Keep Microsoft, Adobe, and Java products updated for better security. We provide a "critical update" service via automation to protect your computers from the latest known attacks.


Web Gateway Security

Internet security is a race against time. Cloud based security detects web and email threats as they emerge on the internet and blocks them on your network within seconds - before they reach the user.


Cyber Security Insurance

Used to protect your business and individual users from Internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure.

Our Framework is a Dedicated MSP Process and Onboarding

Ocean Computer Group has adopted a set of standard principles guidelines for onboarding new customers. We execute an assessment of your IT environment and compare it with industry and sector best practices. The assessment is a mix of tools and a proven standards library that will focus on critical areas of your IT environment.

The results of the assessment will help to identify critical issues that should be addressed right away and assist in creating a long-term strategic IT roadmap with the customer. We review over 250 questions in the following areas:

  • Security
  • Core Infrastructure
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity
  • Software
  • Hardware
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Managed Threat Detection and Response

Secure and complete
Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats that get past you other lines of defense.

Managed Threat Detection and Response services provide the tools and human capital to detect and respond to threats that have gotten past your other lines of defense such as Antivirus and firewalls.

Many of today's threats are in your systems for months before they are detected, if at all. After the initial infection, the ransomware, or cyber criminals attempt to find weaknesses, your credentials and where your most important data resides.

Our Managed Detection and Response platform receives logs from our on-premises collector, from the cloud, specific devices, and applications.

Tools and AI hunt for and categorize threats that are identified.

The data is then sent for Expert Analysts by our TIP security team for further investigation in the security operations center.

Should a threat be found you are notified 24 x 7 so that immediate action, recommendations, and remediation can be taken.

Managed Threat Detection and response ensures that you are watching every part of your infrastructure so that you are taking proactive action to protect your resources.

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Our Managed Threat Detection and Response includes:
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)
  • Log Ingestion and Correlation
  • 24 x 7 Threat Management
  • Threat Hunting
  • Security Event & Incident Management (SEIM)

Managed Services Portfolio

Secure and complete

Our full suite of managed IT services includes but is not limited to the following:



  • Conduct a full audit of the client’s environment
  • Understand the business goals
  • Identify the challenges they are facing in their key drivers
  • Develop a dynamic technology roadmap
  • Conduct quarterly technology and security reviews

Servers & Workstations, Laptops and Mobile Device Terminals

  • Proactively Monitor & Manage Servers for uptime and availability
  • Operating System Patching
  • Monitor critical Windows Server Services
  • Reboot servers if needed
  • Update Server Hardware Firmware
  • Scheduled off time server maintenance
  • Monitor Memory Usage to maintain uptime and performance
  • Monitor Hard drives for failures that can cause outages
  • Monitor and manage Hard drive disk space
  • Resolve daily user issues such as printing application access and error conditions

Active Directory/Workgroup Administration

  • Manage Active Directory/Workgroup account policies
  • Manage Server Permissions and file system management
  • Set up new users, including login restrictions, passwords, security, applications
  • Set up and change security for users and applications
  • Create new directories, shares and security groups, new accounts, disable/delete old accounts, manage account policies

WAN / LAN Network

  • Automated inventory, that creates a profile for every device on a network
  • Network documentation and Topology
  • IP address management and which devices are using them
  • Real-time mapping of your network that proactively notifies us to changes or problems that may arise, so they can be remediated quickly

Firewall Security

  • Check, Manage and Monitor firewall logs for errors or critical issues
  • Intelligent reporting and activity visualization
  • Centralized logging
  • Real-time and historic next generation syslog reporting
  • Application traffic analytics for better insight into network activity and threats
  • Real-time and historic data flow reporting

Desktop Security

  • Install and manage NexGen Anti Viruses with endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • EDR collects and visualizes comprehensive information about endpoints
  • Uncover advanced threats not recognized by the firewall
  • Desktop Rollback remediation

Data Protection

  • Monitor and Confirm that backup has been performed daily and replicated
  • Check and validate status of backups procedures
  • Document and validate retention time
  • Perform bi-yearly targeted restores to assure valid backup data

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Monitor the dark web for stolen corporate credentials of your users
  • Protect against a breach with early detection of compromised user credentials
  • Be alerted as soon as compromised user credentials are discovered on the dark web

Security Awareness Training

  • Simulated Phishing Attacks & End User Training
  • Measured detail reports and analytics


Prepare for tomorrow’s threats, today. Talk to an expert at Ocean Computer Group to see how we make it possible.


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