Were you unable to attend our interactive K-12 curriculum learning event, presented by Dell Technologies and hosted by Ocean Computer Group? We are sharing access to the replay below.

Access Passcode: Ocean2021!

Topic: Lessons learned. What worked and what didn’t. Deconstructing the COVID classroom

About the Webinar: During this interactive learning session, we hear from two school districts and discuss together the instructional models and best practices, as well as the technologies that were used to support them. Additionally, we will explore other models and strategies so that we can deconstruct what we may want to continue and what is perhaps best left behind.

Do you need help making sense of the trends guiding what 21st century education looks like for K-12 education, especially in the area of technology? Could you use guidance navigating how to rebuild stronger and healthier? Are you curious about the future of the K-12 classroom and how to best navigate the challenges of rebuilding your post-pandemic school system? If the answer is yes, do not miss out on this K-12 curriculum training event.

Webinar Replay: https://Dell.zoom.us/rec/share/XdCyR1LOlF2zWK3s4w7ourtmx8zxtmF36gPndrmeCnmyk73kj4bkcHyvQHerCwS_.mXlxvzcztuLRMHa3?startTime=1615402143000

Access Passcode: Ocean2021!