Cloud adoption is accelerating dramatically. After several years of experimentation, enterprises are transitioning to a new phase of extended deployment. The first phase of experimentation, where many early adopter enterprises “played” with multiple public and private clouds, is over. Now the early majority is getting set for the cloud journey.

According to Sajai Krishnan, VMware’s vice president, cloud management, it is a conclusion driven by the realization that the act of leveraging and migrating to the cloud is more complicated than companies first thought. “Enterprises have recognized that private cloud is hard, public cloud is not easy,” Krishnan says, “and the reality is that for most, the future is a hybrid of multiple clouds—public and private.” They are realizing that new cloud management models are needed to make this transition successfully.

“The pace of innovation is accelerating,” Krishnan says. “Enterprises are looking for new models that can leverage the pace of this innovation while trying to be more agile and innovate at greater speeds.”

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