We are in the midst of a global transformation and it is touching every aspect of our world, our lives and our businesses. Many in the industry believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to fundamentally changing how organizations will derive insights from data. We know that AI will be a game-changer for our clients, but we also know that there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to AI. For most of our clients, AI will be a journey. This is demonstrated by the fact that most organizations are still in the early phases of AI adoption. Consider these AI adoption facts from IDC:

  • 31 percent of organizations are in discovery/evaluation
  • 22 percent of organizations plan to implement AI in next 1-2 years
  • 22 percent of organizations are running AI trials
  • 4 percent of organizations have already deployed AI

Our experience with clients shows that as an organization embraces a holistic AI strategy to drive insights from their data, it is critical to look at their infrastructure as well as their data management strategy and AI capabilities. Organizations that are deriving the most value from data are building their data management and AI platforms close to where the data resides, thereby reducing latency. Additionally, they are using infrastructure specifically designed for data and compute-intensive workloads like advanced analytics and AI, as well as deploying software that is optimized to exploit it. Together this maximizes efficiency of deployment and the value of insights.

When it comes to implementing AI, organizations often struggle with server performance bottlenecks and open source software complexity. To address these challenges, today we are announcing software innovations that help make AI and deep learning easier along with new hardware platforms designed for the AI era.

Here’s a quick checklist to see how ready you are for the journey to enterprise AI:

  1. Are you testing powerful AI frameworks that are optimized for the hardware upon which they’re running?
  2. Is your hardware optimized as an AI-ready enterprise data platform?
  3. Have you deployed modern data platforms like Hadoop and Spark that can help you organize unstructured data?

To make this optimized platform a reality, today IBM PowerAI, the best deep learning toolkit for the enterprise, is available on POWER9 and for the first time is also available on the Red Hat operating system. Now, Red Hat enterprises can leverage the industry’s leading open source frameworks and explore the potential of distributed deep learning with large model support. To support clients on this journey, IBM provides comprehensive enterprise support for deep learning frameworks. In addition, new updates to allow easy training of computer vision networks in an intuitive GUI, so enterprises can leverage the developer skills they have to get training right away with AI-enabled computer vision.


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