Patch Management Steps

Patching can be a big challenge when you have hundreds maybe even thousands of IT assets to manage. With information security initiatives, it helps when you have a documented process and policy by which to follow. Consider this simple 10-step ...

Webinar Replay: Lessons learned. What worked and what didn’t. Deconstructing the COVID classroom

Were you unable to attend our interactive K-12 curriculum learning event, presented by Dell Technologies and hosted by Ocean Computer Group? We are sharing access to the replay below. Access Passcode: Ocean2021! Topic: Lessons learned. What worked and what didn’t. ...

How Auvik Can Help Keep Networks Steady During the COVID-19 Pandemic

From Ocean Computer Group partner, Auvik: Your phone is ringing off the hook. Yet another person is calling, trying to figure out how to ensure their team can continue to be productive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even ...

Hyperconverged Transformation: Getting the Software-defined Data Center Right

One of the more popular misconceptions often mistaken for gospel truth these days is that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platforms don’t scale – and can only be used for remote office or smaller customers. HCI platforms, in fact, can already efficiently ...

How to Prepare and Respond to Data Center Emergencies

Data center operations and maintenance teams should always be prepared to act swiftly and surely without warning. Unforeseen problems, failures, and dangers can lead to injury or downtime. Good preparation and process, however, can quickly and safely mitigate the impact ...

Top 10 Mistakes in Data Center Operations

Now is the time for companies to evaluate their data center operations programs. They must be able to clearly articulate operational requirements and design an operations program based on the risk profile of the data center. However, the road to ...

Education In The Cognitive Era

Today’s learners must be able to think critically, recognize patterns, solve problems and communicate effectively in the workforce and society to be successful. Sixty-three percent of education leaders state job placement as the leading success factor for higher education, though ...

Is Your Enterprise Ready For AI?

We are in the midst of a global transformation and it is touching every aspect of our world, our lives and our businesses. Many in the industry believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to fundamentally changing how organizations will ...

5 Reasons To Opt For Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Let’s face it—traditional design for data center infrastructure doesn’t always meet today’s needs. Analytics, transaction processing, high-volume web serving and other data-intensive and mission-critical workloads place new and increased demands on the IT infrastructure. At the same time, specialized IT ...

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